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About Bicycle Bag Rear Rack Pannier Women's Casual Shoulder Tote Also Ask

Sep 05,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

Product Name: Bicycle Bag Rear Rack Pannier Women's Casual Shoulder Tote

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Question:Is the rack bag big enough to for a water bottle and a lunch box?
Answer:Depending on the size of your lunch box, I usually carry two regular size bottles of water and some bike tools without any problem.
By Magda Hastings on April 3, 2021


Question:How does the truck bag attach and how secure is the trunk bag on the rack ?
Answer:The bag can be attached to the rack with a front hook and two loop fastener straps on the bottom. I use it regularly and never had an issue with it coming loose.
By Amazon Customer on April 2, 2021
It attaches with 2 Velcro straps and is very secure. The bag holds its form and is insulated. Works very Answer:well, has a lot of storage. I use this on an E-bike and would definitely purchase again.
By T Pierce on April 2, 2021


Question:Is this bag sufficiently rigid to hold its shape?
By Danne cooley on April 14, 2022

Question:What are the dimensions?
Answer:Dear Customer,
Thank you for your question.
The dimensions of the insulated rack bag are 17.32 x 12.2 x 5.31 inches (L*W*H)
By Tourbon SELLER  on May 31, 2021


Question:Which bike rack do I need for this trunk bag? The tourist or explorer?
Answer:I got the explorer Topeak bike rack. This bag fits perfectly on the rack.
By Ms Bulldog on May 8, 2014
Answer:I think they recommend the Tourist, but I have the Explorer and it works fine. The bottom of the camel bag can be insulated and can hold two bottles of water.
By Melissa on May 7, 2014
Answer:As long as it is an MTX rack it should fit.
By Mardigus, My Master on May 7, 2014


Question:Has anyone put this on a RadRover rear rack yet ?
Answer:This bag would sit on top of most racks but you would have to secure it in some way.
By BARAP11 on June 11, 2019


Question:will this hold a pair of size 14 shoes?
Answer:I'm not sure how large a size 14 pair of shoes is but, each pannier measures roughly 17" tall, by 12" wide, by 5" deep. They aren't rigid so there is some wiggle room, The material doesn't stretch though. 
By Justin on April 5, 2017
Answer:In the sides I would say yes. I carry a towel rolled up and size 9. Maybe go to topeak sight and get the exact measurements for the bags.
By MSU on April 5, 2017