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About Leather Hammer Holder Steel Loop Tool Belt Holster Also Ask

Sep 13,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

Product Name:Leather Hammer Holder Steel Loop Tool Belt Holster

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Question:Would the belt clip fit in molle webbing? i'm using a vtac lbe vest on the jobsite.
Answer:Probably, but it won't fit like MOLLE gear does. It just has a clip for a belt.
By Huggy on July 23, 2021


Question:Were do you guys mount that holder? Says high mount. Thanks
Answer:Goes on a tool belt or a belt. It's a high mount mean the actual hammer holder part (metal ring) in this case is high up towards the belt. This is good if your carrying a longer hammer such as a framing hammer. It keeps the handle from hitting your knees and up out of the way.
By Hahahaha123 on March 3, 2014
I put it were it was the most comfortable & covenant for me. every one is different ive seen some guys put it at the cntr of there back , mine is on my rt. side.
By David on March 3, 2014
Answer:Mounts on your tool belt like other hammer holders. High mount means it doesn't hang as low off your belt.
By Jim R. on March 2, 2014
Answer:I wear suspenders on my nail bags hammer holder in the center of the rear suspender attachments on my tool belt
By Carl W on March 2, 2014
Answer:It slides through your belt. It keeps your hammer higher on your waist keeping it from slapping your leg all day.
By Jon on March 2, 2014
Answer:Simon este adictivo es bastate practico y resistente lo recomiendo
By Jesus on March 2, 2014
Answer:back of tool belt
By Sean S. on March 2, 2014


Question:Good for a 4lb hammer???
Answer:..... uh well yeah it can handle it. Mine is still going strong after years of lugging around a 20oz but the thing its built solid as any I've seen in 25 years so yeah it can ...but why in the word you would want to holster a 4lb is above my pay grade. Cheers.
By Albert B Jones III on February 24, 2018
Answer:The Occidental 5012 is a strong hammer holder. You may want to check it out.
By copper 1795 on February 24, 2018
Answer:Four pounds is pretty heavy, but if any tool belt manufacture comes close it is Occidental Leather.
By copper 1795 on February 24, 2018
Answer:Yes it should work
By Chris on February 24, 2018


Question:Would this work with estwing camping axe without it falling out
Answer:I believe it would hold an Axe just fine.
By Joe M. on August 11, 2020
Answer:Yes it is very similar to a large framing hammer i carry. I would make sure you keep a blade cover on the axe.
By damorton on August 11, 2020
Answer:It should I just can’t be 100%
By rob epifanio on August 11, 2020
Answer:I would sincerely think so
By Walter on August 11, 2020


Question:Does the hammer holder fit the 3 inch nylon occidental belt?
Answer:I would think so. It fit my 3" leather Ranger belt. I do not see why it would not fit the nylon belt.
By JOHN P. on April 14, 2014
Answer:Yes, it will fit any size belt .. It's a good holder to . Defiantly keeps the hammer off my legs .. I'm glad I got it .
By james brennan on April 2, 2014
Answer:Dont know I have the 3 in. lether belt
By Joseph L. on April 1, 2014
Answer:The opening on it is pretty wide, so I would assume so.. If I had it here at home I would measure it and tell you, but its at work.
By N. Goodman on April 1, 2014
Answer:Sure does
By Robert C. on April 2, 2014
Answer:Yes, it sure does.
By james on April 2, 2014
Answer:Yes it does
By MM on April 8, 2014


Question:How would I put it on my belt ?
Answer:The slots on the unit would allow a belt to go through to secure the holder.
By Tourbon Safari Store  on January 23, 2020
Answer:Slide the belt through the two slots in the leather.
By C Meehan on January 23, 2020
Answer:You thread your belt through the 2 large slits, thus affixing it to your belt and waist.
By daa suke on January 23, 2020
Answer:Made well, highly recommend.
By Winner on January 24, 2020