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About TOURBON Leather Tool Organizer Bull Pin Holster Wrench Hammer Holder Also Ask

Oct 12,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

Product Name:TOURBON Leather Tool Organizer Bull Pin Holster Wrench Hammer Holder

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belt pipe holderiron worker leathers

leather wrench holderwrench holster


Question:Instead of the spud wrench, can it hold perfectly the crescent wrench?
Answer:Yea, it sure can. Thank you!
By McClure Clan Leathers SELLER  on March 18, 2019
Answer:Yes I can it will stretch
By gabriel on March 18, 2019


Question:Have they fixed the mold problem?
Answer:I really don't know, I think that was a problem on how the product got wet and then how it was stored. I remember reading a review months ago about how a customer received one that was moldy. I can only suggest that maybe you can contact Amazon customer service to contact the warehouse to see if this problem still exists.
By Mikey on August 27, 2021
Answer:I been using my for the las 2 years and haven’t seen any mold.
By Mro Romero on August 27, 2021


Question:If i buy this pouch will i get rock hard abs like in the last picture?
Answer:Yes, my wife has decided to stay with me now that I have sexy abs thanks to this product
By Kchase45 on August 18, 2018
Answer:Without a doubt.
By Guapo on August 18, 2018


Question:Will this hold a 10” pair of channel lock pliers ?
Answer:I am pretty sure that it would. It just be a matter of which holes you use on the pouch. It has 3 lower areas to hold socket type wrenches and 1 area behind the lower middle area that will fit a 12" crescent wrench. If that doesn't work, you could probably use 2 of the lower areas, 1 for each leg of the channel locks.
By Mikey on May 8, 2022
Answer:Yes you just have to mold it and they will fit.
By Alfredo on May 7, 2022


Question:Will this hold 9.5" lineman plier
Answer:Yes it does I carry 2 of them in it works great!
By Mro Romero on July 19, 2020


Question:Is it open on the bottom?
By J.C. on June 6, 2020


Question:Will the closest slot to the belt loop hold a standard slip joint pliers. And will the side loops holdscrewdrivers?
By J.C. on June 6, 2020


Question:Would a single ply hand roller fit in the side loops
By NKTM SELLER  on February 8, 2022


Question:What country it is made in?
Answer:I don’t know where it was made but I can assure you this is the best tool pouch for carrying up to 5 of your most used hand tools and it is the best looking one I’ve ever owned. Real leather and double stitched I’ve owned it for almost a year and still like the first day I got it.
By J.C. on June 6, 2020