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About Tourbon Cycling Bicycle Bike Triangle Front Frame Tube Bag Also Ask

Oct 28,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

Product Name:Tourbon Cycling Bicycle Bike Triangle Front Frame Tube Bag

Product Image: 

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Question:How long are the bottom straps? trying to fit around an e-bike, integrated battery, bottom tube. see snapcycle r1 bike.
Answer:Hi , Hope your doing fine.
Answer:We appreciate you taking time to message us for this inquiry. Bicycle frame bag material bottom strap can fit max 9cm-10cm lenght from bottom of the bag for standard mtbs, road bikes. Unfortunately it wont be able to cover thick bottom frame like that of snacycle r1. Thank you for checking.
By Rap on March 9, 2022


Question:Will this bag work on a road bike? Does it cover the bottle cage holes?
Answer:Hi Larry,
For road bike, you may be able to attached bag to 2 sides of bike frame. Either top + bottom tube straps/fasteners or top + side seat tube fasteners. For large/xl sizes frame,  bottle cage frame will usually not be covered with 2 sides of frame  bag strapped to frame.
By Moon on July 15, 2021


Question:Wonder what is the thickness of it, trying to see if I can put my 18650 battery pack in it? Thx
Answer:Hi, Thankyou for your interest. The thickness is 6cm.
By Tourbon store on March 14, 2020

Question:I see 2 different velcro flaps systems in the pictures. One is a whole flap, while the other are multi velcro straps. Which one is the correct product
Answer:The long whole flap is along the top of the bag and the multiflaps are for the lower frame bar. Also the pockets are different on each side of the bag. One side is one larger pocket while the other has two smaller pockets.
By Jon Fullmer on July 4, 2021
Answer:Thank you for your inquiry. The top tube is one long hook-and-loop fasteners. While the side tube has two shorter hook-and-loop fasteners. The bottom tube has 3adjustable buckle type straps.
By Tourbon Seller on July 4, 2021


Question:It says water resistant, but is it waterproof? meaning will water penetrate and soak like during a rainstorm while riding?
Answer:Hi! The bag is water repellant/resistant , but may need rain cover during heavy rain.
By Rap Marketplace SELLER  on January 14, 2021


Question:Would this work on ebike sondors
Answer:Hello! We appreciate you taking time to message us for this inquiry. Capacity is approx 3kilos, Dimensions: Seat tube : 10inches, Top tube: 16inches, bottom: 18inches Tickness is 7cm approx when packed. Its collapsible and expandable further as to approx 8-9cm.
By Tourbon Store Seller on July 8, 2022


Question:What is the volume of this bag? How many liters?
Answer:Hi there! The frame bag is approx 7 liters.
By Leo on April 24, 2021

Question:Is the bag large enough for a stuff sack with rain gear?
Answer:Hi! Yes generally can fit personal rain gear. The bag dimensions is 10inch (side tube) x16 (top) x 18 (bottom tube)
By Jane on July 16, 2021