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About TOURBON Retro Canvas & Leather Golf Club Pencil Travel Bag People Also Ask

Feb 17,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

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Customer questions & answers

Question:How many dividers are in this golf bag?
Answer:One leather across creating two dividers.
By gilbert 

Question:Is the cover good enough to place into airplane storage for travel?
Answer:I wouldn’t recommend it if they are good clubs, the manufacturer doesn’t state it is for shipping or air travel.
By COL Mark McKnight

It’s soft. Sturdy canvas. But not a bag that would protect your club shafts from excessive weight.
Private aircraft would probably be ok.
Not commercial.
By Alan K.

This is a terrific product. An accurate and authentic replica of an original. And very practical too.
By Brian Tailer
For commercial I’d recommend a hard case. For private it would be fine.
By Jonathan M.

Question:Does the cover come off?
Answer:The cover does not come off , it sewn on the golf bag .When not use as a cover , it can be use as a pocket to carry your essential thing .
No cover does not come off, but it’s very lightweight and my husband uses that section for his water bottles and snacks. This is a really well made bag. Very durable and my husband just loves this bag to use when he walks our nearby Par 3 course. Highly recommend!
By BethB

Question:Can this bag hold a standard men’s driver?
Answer:I don't actually "use" this bag - it's a decorative piece in our guest bedroom, but it has clubs in it, including a driver. Hope that helps. MMR
By Margaret M. Robinson

It holds my 3 wood I don’t use a driver. It will only hold about 9 clubs
By Tony Paulus

Question:How many clubs fit?
Answer:Really depends on how many you care to shove in there! All 14 clubs? No. But7? Yes. Then you have to consider the weight, and the fact that there is no kick-stand, etc. So, can you fit half your clubs in this bag? Sure. But if you want more than about 7-8, I think you should be looking at a different type of bag.
By Lucia KSA 

Question:is it able to cover a 120cm driver with the hood up?
Answer:If you choose the 35" golf bag ,that will be able to cover a 120cm driver with the hood up
By Tourbon Store SELLER  

Question:Can this bag be use in be used in at golf cart? Looking for a bag that doesn’t take up Mike room while traveling?
Answer:It can certainly be used in a golf cart, but it is more usually used as a "carry" bag if someone is walking the course. My husband uses it when he plays his local Par 3 course and just takes 3 or 4 clubs with him and walks the course. Definitely small diameter and would be great for traveling.
By BethB 

I’ve used it as a carry bag and throwing it on the cart. You have to watch the bumps on the course/cart path as the bag is very light and can bounce around
By Jonathan M. 

This bag is more of a Sunday afternoon walking bag. It does not stand up by itself, but you might be able to hang it from the cart basket somehow. But like I said it does not stand up by itself
By Mike M 

It has a pretty slim profile for strapping into the back of a golf cart. Having said that, I have done it. It just won't be quite as secure as a larger bag.
By Lucia KSA 

Great looking bag and very functional
It’s not light, fits fine on a golf cart and is mid range in size. Great classic bag
By janet h sippey

It stands up just fine in a cart!
Slide the cart strap through carrying handle.
You should do that with any bag.
I pack this bag with my clubs and a few clubs for my wife...
Especially her putter.
The bag has been to Maui 3 times and saved us a lot of club rental money.
By Alan K. 

Question:Can I ride my motorbike with this bag on?

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