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About TOURBON Nylon Double Pannier Shoulder Bags Bicycle Rear Rack Trunk Motorcycle Tail Seat Bag Also Ask

Sep 28,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

Product Name:TOURBON Nylon Double Pannier Shoulder Bags Bicycle Rear Rack Trunk Motorcycle Tail Seat Bag

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Question:Can these detach to be used as a messenger bag?
Answer: I ordered two of these bags attempting to get that feature. I was confused because some the reviews said the bags detached and could be used separately and some said no. So the ultimate answer is this. Originally the bags did detach and could be used separately, but the later version seems to be one solid piece. Both of the ones I ordered, from different sellers, were a single piece design. So you may get lucky and get one that can be used separately as a messenger bag but I would not expect it. Hope this helps. see less
By KLB on November 14, 2017

Question:I thought they came with a rain cover. Did yours or any bodies, I know they are waterproof?
Answer:They didn't come with a rain cover. I would say they are water-resistant, not waterproof.
By DJC JR on January 29, 2021
Answer:I purchased these as a gift but I don't recall ever seeing a cover.
By L. Becker on January 29, 2021
Answer:No rain covers were mentioned when I bought mine. These are very good in the rain. I'm very happy with them. Have never had a problem with rain. hope this helps.
By fuzzy 2 on January 29, 2021


Question:Are these bags collapsible if nothing is in them? Is there a frame that forces them to keep their shape?
Answer:They very easily and have straps to tie them down further, but they don’t have a frame to hold their shape. They have to be strapped to the bike rack.
By Juan F. on July 28, 2019
Answer:They're just fabric. No internal frame, though there is a narrow inside pocket I've put cardboard in to keep that side stiff.
By D. James C. on July 28, 2019


Question:Are these compatible with axiom fatliner bike rack
Answer:Do not know. I have a RAD Power Bike rack, about 7” wide.
By R. Brouwer on October 2, 2020

Question:Will this work on the large size radwagon bike rack?
Answer:Fits perfectly on my Radrunner rear rack. Looks great. Many compliments.
By Mike on May 26, 2020
Answer:Yes. It works on my Rad Rover and a guy with a Rad runner told me he had one so I assume it will work with the wagon as well.
By Marcel Charpentier on May 27, 2020
Answer:Yes, we use this on the radwagon 4. Had them a couple months and happy with them so far.
By Ian Johnson on July 12, 2020
Answer:Yes it will fit very well I have it on RAD CITY. Fits like it was made for it.
By fuzzy 2 on May 26, 2020


Question:What kind of treatment can apply to the canvas to make it more waterproof? i'm currently looking at OdiCoat on Amazon but worried it my react to the c
Answer:I'm not sure havent applied anything to mine yet but try it on a small surface that is not noticable and if it seems to work without discoloration then treat the rest of the bag. Good Luck
By Billy T. on September 16, 2019
Answer:I cannot make a recommendation, but as someone who has been caught in three terrible storms, I am pleased to report that this bag keeps things dry, dry, dry...even at the seams.
By TankATX on September 16, 2019


Question:anyone using these with ibera touring rakpak?
Answer:I bought a set and used them on a local ride. I hope to use them on a future longer ride of a few hundred miles. It is a durable pannier and water resistant though not waterproof. From having used it on one local ride, I can say I'm happy with it and would buy it again.
By Gerald on March 18, 2022
Answer:I was till the bicycle I had them on got stolen
By Billy T. on March 11, 2022



Question:I have a standard Transit rear rack and am wondering if i will have problem with my heels hitting the bags?
Answer:It does, I had to add a light plywood panel inside the bag and add screws to hold it .
By Gioacchino on May 5, 2019

Question:Concerning the 14686 Army Green rear twin bike rack carrier. Can the pink/red star be removed?
Answer:No. I don't know why you would remove it, but I found it very cool once I started riding it on the bike. The green and the red make a nice combination. I hope this helps.
By C_Iraíz on October 4, 2019
Answer:Yes it can be easily removed. The star is sewed on and the stitches are easily accessible to cut with a sharp knife or scissors. You just need to cut in a few places and it unravels
By Marcel Charpentier on May 11, 2020
Answer:You might need to be creative about removing it. I would've like to remove it, but I left it on. Good luck.
By D. E. Reagan on October 6, 2019