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About Canvas Tool Pouch Belt Tape Measure Plier Wrench Holder Also Ask

Sep 22,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

Product Name:Tourbon Canvas Tool Pouch Belt Tape Measure Plier Wrench Holder

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leather tool holder for beltleather wrench holdertape measure pencil holdertool pouch with tape holder

I just measured it, 2" would be very tight.
By Fokkerd3red on August 4, 2021
A little over 2 “
By G57 on August 4, 2021


Question:Does the 3” one fit on a 3” belt?
Answer:A 2" belt would be a real push. No way would a 3" belt fit.
By Russell Pothast on November 22, 2020
Answer:Yes, it fit in mine
By Rodri Torres on October 26, 2021
Answer:no to small
By Patco on November 22, 2020


Question:will this fit on a 2 inch belt?
Answer:Yes, it will fit belts up to 2".
By AP Saddlery SELLER  on May 9, 2018
Answer:It'll be close with a 2 inch belt. I think the top of the snaps is exactly at the 2-inch mark.
By Matthew on May 11, 2018
Answer:Not sure but 1,3/4 yes
By Eyal Oshri on May 10, 2018


Question:Will this fit an old Alice GI belt?
Answer:There seems to be many different styles and size variations for that particular belt. This style tape measure holder fits belts up to 2" wide. You may contact us directly for different size options and pricing.
By Tourbon SELLER  on June 2, 2018


Question:Will a dewalt drill clip fit in this?
Answer:Yes they fit perfectly!
By AP Saddlery SELLER  on August 8, 2019
Answer:I’m not sure as I don’t have Dewalt tools. It works to hang my Milwaulkee impact in a pinch.
By Jonathan Knight on August 8, 2019


Question:Will this fit a occidental leather 3inch belt?
Answer:This style only fits belts up to 2inches wide. We do offer a 3 inch version.
By AP Saddlery SELLER  on October 14, 2018
Answer:No. It would not. Looks like it would work only up to a 2inch belt.
By Picasso_taco on October 14, 2018
Answer:Not on the 3” part but will where the holes for buckle are
By tj wooten on October 19, 2018


Question:Is it real leather?
Answer:1/8" thick leather. Real tough.
By Russell Pothast on November 22, 2020