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About TOURBON Bicycle Front Storage Bag Outdoor Cycling Pouch Basket Also Ask

Sep 29,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

Product Name:TOURBON Bicycle Front Storage Bag Outdoor Cycling Pouch Basket

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black handlebar bagcanvas bicycle handlebar bagcanvas handlebar bag

Question:Will this attach to a rear bike rack?
Answer:I suppose it will as long as the bike rack is wide enough for the two straps. I have mine on the center handle bar, but it would also work attaching to the seat springs (if you have them).
By John, Dunedin, Fla on July 13, 2020
Answer:Rear rack ? Thats not what its made for . Will it attach? Straps can strap around diffrent things to hold bag in place . I guess it depends what your going for . But bushwhacker and other companies make rear rack bags , panniers , etc .
By M@ on July 14, 2020
By Baggiecat8372 on July 13, 2020
Answer:I think it would.
By pat wing on July 15, 2020


Question:What is the distance between the straps?
Answer:I have three of these bike on each bike and the straps are 2 inches apart on each bag. I have used this bag hanging from a seat, hanging from my handlebars, and hanging within a basket attached to my rear rack. They are handy to have on hand.....and my faithful bike trunks, catchalls for my everyday rides.
By Amazon Customer on May 17, 2017
Answer:The straps are 3/4 inch and there is 2 inches between them.
By B. Pope on May 17, 2017
Answer:3 1/2 to 4 inches
By Tourbon Safari SELLER  on May 17, 2017
Answer:A bit more than 2 inches
By Garys on May 17, 2017


Question:will this fit on the rear of the bike under the seat?
Answer:No. It is a handlebar bag. The attaching straps are set too far apart and the bag construction does not have the correct support for under the seat. You may be able to attach it to the top tube of the bike frame.
By STEPHEN on May 5, 2020
Answer:It didn’t work well for me. It bunched up on top of the reflector back there. If your seat is pulled up high enough, it would hang better. But if I did that, my feet wouldn’t touch the ground. My bike is 26”, and I’m 5’ 2”. I used the bag on the front of my handlebars instead. Mountain bike. see more
By Kirstin M. Sampson on May 5, 2020
Answer:Depends on what seat you have or recently bought
By Jake on May 8, 2020
Answer:Yes. Great bag
By Michael B. on May 5, 2020
Answer:Yes it will. Mine is fastened to the back of my Brooks saddle.
By B. Pope on May 5, 2020
Answer:Yes it will!
By Amazon Customer on May 4, 2020


Question:Does this bag open from towards the rider rather than toward the front tire?
Answer:Yes. The zipper has 2 pulls so you can start on either side of the bag and zip all the way around to other side or have them meet in the middle. The part of the bag with the leaf does not have any zipper.
By shannon on August 10, 2019


Question:Doesn't it prevent using lights on handebar?
Answer:i attach facing the rider side of electric scooter
By Spinner on July 18, 2020
Answer:Yes it does.
By Jessica on July 18, 2020


Question:Would this hold an inner tube and wrenches?
Answer:Yes should be no problem...I have a bunch of stuff in mine and water bottle that lays length wise on top off all the stuff.
By Brooke E. on August 8, 2020
Answer:Absolutely big enough.
I can put 2 deer park water bottles in it and still have plenty of room for other things
By Im-tinkerbell on August 8, 2020
By Jessica on August 8, 2020
By Allhooligan on August 9, 2020