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About TOURBON Roll-top Clip-On Bicycle Panniers People Also Ask

Apr 21,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

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clip on bike bagcanvas bike bagpannier bag laptop

Question:Are there 2 bags included?
Answer:Only one bike bag
By Tourbon_Store SELLER 
1 quality bag - looks urban chic. Lov.e it
By Missjane 
No, just the single bag- but very roomy- and the perfect retro look for a cruiser hybrid bike!
By Chris Randazzo

Question:Does it come with the back rack? If not, is there one you recommend?
Answer:No ,this is only the bike shoulder tote bag ,and we do not have back rack ,sorry
By Tourbon_Store SELLER
The bike rack is not included. Any bike shop will can help fitting an appropriate rack for your specific bike. This canvas bag has the look. Love it.
By Missjane

Question:who makes the crazy leather saddle with springs at both ends in the photo?
By williem

Question:Would this fit on the grab-bar of a scooter? How wide do the hooks open?
Answer:They snap tightly to a 1/2 inch bike rack - very tightly- so not sure if that's possible
By Chris Randazzo

Question:Is this water resistant?
Answer:Water beads on it, but never biked in full rain. Could spray with waterproofing.
By Missjane

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