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About TOURBON Bike Pannier Laptop Rear Rack Bag People Also Ask

Apr 25,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

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Question:How difficult is it to attach and remove the leather clips to the bike carrier?
Answer:So easy! Just clip on with the hooks provided on the back of the bike bag pannier
By Tourbon_ Store SELLER 

Question:Is the bag waterproof?
Answer:I think more "water resistant"
By Paula Cohen

Question:Would I be able to fit my laptop and lunch in this bag?
Answer:This Bicycle Bag Tote Bag can fit a laptop and lunch box inside.
By Tourbon_Store SELLER
Bag has a padded lining, which takes up room, but U could fit your lunch if it's rather flat (not plastic containers). Though the bag is sold as "Pannier Laptop Backpack Bicycle Rear Rack", after it arrived, it seems it's designed more for going to the beach, a tote (though it does fit on a bike rack)?
By Paula Cohen
Should fit nicely
By Tom Hickey 

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