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About TOURBON Bicycle U-Lock Tote Bike Lock Holster Bag Also Ask

Oct 10,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

Product Name:TOURBON Bicycle U-Lock Tote Bike Lock Holster Bag

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Question:Will this fit two fahgettaboudit locks?
Answer:Yes ,it big enough and maybe fit two fahgettaboudit locks.
By Tourbon_Safari Store SELLER  on June 15, 2017
Answer:i don't know how big those are but it's pretty loose with my Kryptonite Rock II (the 1989 equivalent of a "New York" lock). I like it though
By DC Consumer on June 16, 2017


Question:Is there anything on the back securing it to the rack?
Answer:A leather strap similar to a leather watch band is also supplied that can strap the back to any tube.
By rocky boulders on September 21, 2016

Question:Are these made in khaki so they will match my other Tourbon bike gear?
Answer:The bike lock pouch only avaliable in Green and we will try to produce khaki later .
By Tourbon_Safari Store SELLER  on February 25, 2019


Question:Is there any way to secure this bag to the frame so that I don't have to worry about taking it with me to prevent theft?
Answer:I secured mine to the side of my rear rack using zip ties, in addition to the straps that come with it. Can't do much more than that. However, I also have a bike alarm and tracker from
By Frederick Dahnke on April 30, 2019
Question:What is the distance between the straps? I want to mount this on an e-scooter and need to make sure it won't interfere with throttle / brake levers.
Answer:About 5cm (1.96 inch) ,Thanks
By Tourbon_Safari Store SELLER  on December 17, 2018


Question:Is there anything that secures the lock into the pouch? I hit lots of bumps and wouldn't trust the lock to no jump out.
Answer:Gravity is the only thing that will hold the lock from jumping out.
By Steve Bergeron on September 23, 2020
Answer:No but I have bikes over 300 miles so far, no incident at all. The lock itself is heavy enough to keep it in place. Hope this helps. I’m very satisfied with this project. I would recommend it.
By Jeffrey Jubilee on September 23, 2020