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TOURBON Canvas Lightweight Golf Club Bag

Jul 06,2023 | TOURBONSTORE

Product Name: TOURBON Canvas Golf Club Travel Case Lightweight Carry Bag for Men Women

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I bought this bag a year ago, and it has served me well for 2 seasons. I play over 100 rounds per years,
and in my old age, prefer to carry a light-weight bag, and walk, rather than use a golf cart, or pull a heavier bag via a hand cart. This bag is light, and has held up quite well, although it shows signs of wear. I think I will certaily get a third year's use out of it. I carry 4 irons, 2 wedges, 2 woods and a putter in it, as well as 10 balls. It has only one small compartment — where I keep the balls. There is no second compartment for a windbreaker, plastic rain gear or anythjing else. The balance on the bag could be improved. It tends to be top-heavy, and the bag wants to tip forward and spill the clubs. I put my hand under the bag to keep it from doing that, but you have to be aware. Overall, I like the bag. It is an easy carry for an old guy.

Update: I bought this bag in August of 2019. I got three-plus years use out of it. Now, in the 4th year, my daughter sent me a new lightweight canvas bag to replace it. I used it five days a week for 3.5 years. I played from mid-March into November in 2022. The bag served me well, but at the end of the 2022 year, it began to show wear. By mid-May of 2023, it was time to replace it. Note the photo, which shows the current wear to the bag and the strap. Bottom line: it is still entirely usable, but it's beginning to look like a teddy bear with its ear chewed off. It was a good buy and a good friend.

Review Date:  27 October 2021

Review Country: USA




Muy chula!!!

Review Date: 10 September 2020

Review Country: Spain

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Nice bag I fit 10 clubs with oversize grips and up to 2 dozen balls

Review Date:  23 April 2019

Review Country: United States



Great for going to the range or for carrying limited number of clubs at the course. Fits 5 or 6 clubs max. Nice side pocket. Looks classy.

Review Date:  9 July 2022

Review Country:  United Kingdom

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