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About TOURBON Nylon Roll-top Bike Panniers People Also Ask

Aug 16,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

Product Name: TOURBON Nylon Roll-top Clip-On Market Shopper Bike Panniers Shoulder Tote Bag

Product Image:

rear rack pannier bike bag

single pannier bike bag

Question: Is the material waterproof?
Answer: The bike pannier bag material is nylon and isn't waterproof
By Tourbon
Answer: Not waterproof, actually the opposite.. After biking in the rain, I found a pond inside this bag! All the water was sitting inside at the bottom... Ever since, I sprayed the entire thing with water repellent, and it became a bit more water resistant. But not waterproof. After treating with water repellent, I can bike in the rain and it doesn't get as wet inside. I even had a laptop (in the case), and it survived ;) 

Question: Is this machine washable?
Answer: This bike bag rear rack bicycle pannier should hand wash
By Tourbon

Question: how does the hook secures on the rack? can you attach some picture or video of it? thanks
Answer: It has two hooks in the back on top, and a button-close strap on the back. It stays on the rack very well, even on my super-bumpy rides!

Question: Can it be used as a trunk bag instead of a pannier?
Answer: I guess.. It can be used as a regular bag or backpack. The sides are soft.
By NN 

Question: Does the green bag contain leather? I won’t buy it and see it used in other products sold by this company.
Answer: I don't think there's any leather!
By Rachel LTG
Answer: No leather, all fabrics/plastic
By NN 

Question: Both bags are included in price?
Answer: No , there showed Only one
By Tourbon

Question: Can it attach to the top of the trunk rack, or just the side?
Answer: Just the side ,there is no extra strap attach to your trunk rack .
By Tourbon

Question: What's the capacity of this?
Answer: Hello, the outer size of this blue bike backpack is approx 40x11x28cm, the capacity is about 12L.
By tourbon


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