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About TOURBON Bicycle Handlebar Bag Top Tube Pouch People Also Ask

Aug 15,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

Product Name: TOURBON Bike Handlebar Bag Top Tube Pouch

Product Image:

bike handle bagfront bag road bike


Question: Can you please tell me what's the volume
Answer: There’s a diagram on one of the pictures, showing that the bag measures 13cm by 27cm.
By timothy l sawyer 


Question: The bag doesn't appear to have a 3rd tie on the bottom to keep it from bouncing. Is this correct?
Answer: No. The second video shows all sides of the bag.
By KD 
Answer:It doesn’t but it never has bounced although I ride a road bike. Might bounce with a mountain bike.
By Ama
Answer: It does not have a 3rd tie
By T 
Answer: No third tie.
By Barbara L 
Answer: No, just two
By Louis A. Hernandez


Question: Where does it made from.
Answer: It made from China
By Elina
Answer: China, I don't know why it is a matter where does it made from,but bike handle bags are made of high quality waxed canvas.

By Tourbon


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