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About TOURBON Canvas Lightweight Sunday Golf Bag People Also Ask

Mar 04,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

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Customer questions & answers

Question:How many clubs can it hold?
Answer:I carry a putter, a driver, a pitching wedge, and my 3, 5, 7 & 9 irons. The bag should be about 3" longer than it is.
By Lovable Curmudgeon 
I carry 9 with oversized grips could probably add 1 more
By greg

Question:Do it have rain hood
Answer:No, it does not have a rain hood. It is most useful when taking only a few clubs to the driving range. It is perfect for that purpose.
By Dana 
No this model
Does not have a rain hood
By george john paul 

Question:can it be folded?
Answer:Yes it folds in half
By Elizabeth Morgan
Yes, it comes folded when shipped.
By steph827
Yes, it’s a soft bag with a stiff bottom.
By Sarah E 

Question:Does bag qualify to be on golf cart? traveling w regular golf bag in travel cover protector and need 2nd bag on cart. Pack this inside?
Answer:Sorry, I simply don't know. I take pride in still being able to walk the golf course and carry the bag. I ride in a cart but once a year.
I bought this bag so I could walk, and not pull a handcart.
By Lovable Curmudgeon

Question:How many clubs can it comfortably hold?
Answer:Hi I use it for 5 club competitions but it would easily hold 8 clubs. I've not tried putting a full set in it so I can't comment on that.
By P M.
I would say 8
By Graham Ball
I carry 3 woods one 7 iron and a putter.
By Hazel Stevenson

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