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About TOURBON Vintage Canvas Bicycle Handlebar Bag People Also Ask

Mar 25,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

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Question:Are there 2 different widths on this style bag?
Answer:No ,there is only one size bike handlebar bag
By Tourbon-Store SELLER  

Question:Do the snaps on the flap stayed closed or separate if there's several items in the pouch? thank you.
Answer:No, the snaps are pretty strong and will not come undone if u have multiple items in the pouch.
By Lucypearl
I am not sure where it is made, but I love it and it is perfect for keeping several things in it. The snaps seam sturdy enough plus it looks good on my bicycle. I hope this helped.
By norman 

Question:How many inches are there between the fastening straps. I have little room on my handle bars.
Answer:About 3.15 inch ( 8cm ) between the fastening straps .
By Tourbon_Store SELLER 
4.5 inches
3 to 4
By James Alters

Question:I have this bag and really like it - just wish it was a little bigger. Are there others sizes available?
Answer:You can search B098NPWCKY bike bag which larger than this one
By Tourbon_ Store SELLER 

Question:Would a U-lock fit in this bag?
Answer:The size of this handlebar bag is 23cmX13cm. It may don't fit your U-lock. But,we have another Bike Lock Holster Bag ASIN is B011QSRPRK. Thanks.
By Tourbon_ Store SELLER 

Question:Does it have a zip inside or there are only the 2 clips for the closure?
Answer:No zip, you close it by using the two popper buttons, there is a good overlap of material so items stay secure when closed.
By DorsetZombie
It does not. 2 clips only.
By Mr John C Farry
No there is no zip just the pressstuds
By Paul Heaton
Only 2 clips for closure
By john wedgwood

Question:What’s the distance (cm) between the straps
Answer:No tape measure with me but I'd estimate it as 12 cms
By Robert F

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