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Vedio Show | How to attach pannier bags to rack | TOURBON

Jul 08,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

How to attach pannier bags to rack

With more and more people now choosing to commute by bike, how are their commuting bags going to be fixed to the bike securely in order to prevent the pannier bags from becoming loose and falling off the rack during use.


Bike pannier bags can be attached to racks in a variety of ways, depending on the bike's frame and accessories. The general pannier bag will choose to use velcro, plastic buckle (how to attach pannier bag to bike with clip) , or leather strap on the top of the rear rack of the bike. The leather strap is very durable, but the disadvantage is that it takes a long time to put on and take off. In addition, plastic buckles are easy to break and have the problem of breaking easily. The velcro fastening solves these two problems very well. At the same time, the possibility of the pannier bag shaking at the bottom is only fixed at the top, the tourbon bike pannier rack bags is also designed with a velcro fastening at the bottom of the bag, which can be fixed next to the wheels, so that you must worry about the shaking at the bottom, and at the same time you can quickly put on and take off your bike rack pannier bags. High quality velcro must be not worried about the life of the bag.

What are the pros and cons of attaching the pannier bag to the bike.



-TOURBON bike laptop backpack is made of high quality nylon.
-Pannier grocery bag can detach one pannier and use as a shoulder bag or handle bag.
-Commuting backpack have reinforced handle never need to worry about it.
-Panier bags for bicycles have 2 hooks that clip onto your backrack ,hooks and shoulder strap can be packed inside a zipper pocket.
-Adjustable shoulder strap can be safely stowed in the bag’s side pocket when the bag is attached to your bike, and is easily attached and adjusted for converting to backpack use.
-It have a  handle on top makes it easier to carry.
-Side-sleeve for storage your water bottle.