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About Vintage Portable Golf Ball Holder Review

Aug 20,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

this vintage golf ball bag can hold two balls, and two golf tee. Golf ball pouch comes in the most classic colors and comes with belt loops that can be strung on a belt. If you don't like taking your golf balls out of your golf bag, then you might like this golf ball holder. It is made of high quality genuine leather, it is a great gift for friends.



-Tourbon bag of golf balls are made of high quality vintage leather.
-Golf balls holder has soild brass snap hook for easy bag attachment , 2" belt slot for easy waist belt attachment.
-Mini golf bag for balls up to 2 golf balls, 2 tees, and 1 divot fork.
-Metal snap closure provide easy access as well as secure closure.
-Designed with hook for easy carring on belt or other strip.
-Can grab a tee from the side of the clip and you are ready to tee off.