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About TOURBON Golf Tee Holder Clip Divot Carrier Video Show

Aug 30,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

Golf Tee Holders also have other uses besides keeping balls in place for swings— some are even used as trashcans! For example, one golfer used his Tee Holder as a planter for his flowers he loved so much! Other uses for Golf Tee Holders include supporting fishing poles or holding wienies back onto tennis courts when play resumes after a break or changeover period for matches between two teams of two players each. Whatever application suits your needs best— your imagination is welcome when using T-Hangers for other purposes!

We've handmade each golf tee holder to ensure that it will last a lifetime. It simply attaches to your belt or your pocket on your set of clubs or golf trolley. It can hold 4 divot and 6 tee.



  • Golf tee Pouch is made of high quality genuine leather

  • Vintage design with clip feature

  • Hold 4-5 divots and 6 Tees

  • Fits to belt wide up to 5cm

  • Package do not include divot and tees