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About TOURBON Waterproof Canvas Bike Double Panniers Bag Pack Video Show

Feb 18,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

TOURBON Waterproof Canvas Bicycle Bike Rear Seat Carrier Bag Cycling Double Panniers Bag Pack

This pannier bag gets tons of complements. The fabric, stitching, etc is superior. It comes with two vertical snaps per side on top and a vertical snap about a third of the way up from the bottom to attach to the frame. The snaps will only fit standard size rails which are smaller than the heavy duty rails put on bikes designed to carry loads, but newer bikes often add these rails to the side for just this purpose. The snaps can also be mildly annoying because they fit tightly to the rack, but that prevents any sliding. The leather buckles can be stubborn, too,, but I just worked the tongue a number of times into each hole. This stiffness actually speaks to the quality of the leather rather than being a deficit. The shoulder strap works well for carrying the bag and it a great convenience.I usually carry my laptop, books, etc in it, but I have also used it for light grocery runs. 

Color:Navy Bule/Green/Khaki  Weight:1.21kg  Size:44*35*25cm
-TOURBON double pannier bag made of quality waxed waterproof canvas and genuine leather
- Perfect as a bicycle storage for the market or a trip
- Come with 2 large compartments and a shoulder strap
- Detach one pannier and use as a shoulder bag 
- Classic brown edge covering design with fine workmanship
-This Tourbon Classic Design Bicycle Bags & Panniers Large Capacity

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