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About TOURBON Tool Holster Drills Holder Impact Driver Hook for Belt Video Show

May 31,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

Are you still worried about your tools? TOURBON has designed a single drill holster tool hook for you, the hook lays flat when not in use to stay on the belt when not in use, and has a hole in the back to let your tool belt pass through it, so it can be used as a A great accessory for a tool belt. This hook securely holds the cordless drill and makes it easy to get the drill in and out.

-Drill holster hook made of quality canvas and good solid rivets and metal.
-The belt loop would easily accommodate a 2-1/2" belt.
-The rivets are quality and positively engage to secure the handle carry loop.
-Drill holster can attach onto a belt through the loop.
-Hook can hang drill, impact, screw guns, tape rolls, trowel, circular saw, etc.
-Drill hook for tool belt can swivel out of the way in both directions and also be locked in place when needing to hang items from it.
-Work for both left-handed and right-handed people.
-Hook can be folded flat when not in use so it can stay on your belt when you aren't using it.
-Hook stays locked in position and is easy to unlock and move when not in use.
-Has a loophole on the back to run your toolbelt through it so it works as a great accessory to the tool belt.
-Ideal for electrician,Builder,Craftsman etc.
-Package: One float hook