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About TOURBON Leaher Axe Head Sheath with Leather Adjustable Strap Video Show

Mar 22,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

TOURBON Leaher Axe Head Sheath with Leather Adjustable Strap
For everyone who likes an axe, the style of the axe, the comfort of the handle are very important, but more importantly, the sharpness of the axe. Due to the heavy weight of the axe and the thin cutting of the axe, it is very easy to break when it is dropped, which requires a sheath to protect it. I think this is what every axe lover needs.
-Leather ax sheath made of quality leather is quite thick and the strap and rivets are sturdy
-Axe cover sheath have tough, thick and durable leather
-Axe head protector perfect for protecting the sharp edge of your axe
-Easy on and off from the axe
-Leather axe sheath fits for 10cm wide axe blade
-Leather axe cover can helps protect the axe blade from moisture and keeps the blade sharp
-Please measure your axe and read our size description before make an order
-With a belt to tighten on axe handle, the leather strap is adjutable
-Axe sheath leather is ideal for camping, hunting, survival, timber getting or simply everyday storage
-Please note: Axe is not included(this axw cover have two color:Vintage brown and brown