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About Flashlight holder Vedio Show | TOURBON

Jul 13,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

As someone who needs to work at night, perhaps as a security guard, a fisherman, etc. A flashlight is a necessary tool for every day. Working at night not only requires you to work in dimly lit areas, which increases the danger of the job, but also requires one hand to hold your flashlight, which leaves you with only one hand free to move. If you carry your flashlight in your pocket, or in a place where it is not easily accessible, this leaves you with no better access to your flashlight when you need it. This is why working at night can make it more inconvenient to work.

If you have a flashligh holder,  it can attach to your belt, and it with a adjustable strap, so that it can fit different size of flashlight. Thus, when you loss your flashlight, you dont need to waste a flashlight which it custom for the lossing flashlight.



-Flashlight holster accommodates all flashlight lengths and fits most light-weight flashlights up to 1.5-inch diameter.
-Torch Carry Case can holds a variety of different size flashlight, Pen, folding knife, screwdriver, etc.
-360 Degree Rotatable Clip allows your Holster with flashlight light up on Duty Belt and put the Flashlight shine forward/ behind/ upper left/ lower left/ upper right/ lower right and vertical upward, vertical downward per your needs.
-Adjustable tie-up strap make sure to hold your flashlight firmly in the holster