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About Canvas Vntage Golf Bag Video Show | TOURBON

Jul 28,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

Canvas sunday golf bags are ideal for those players who only carry a few clubs, two clothes and some golf balls when on the course or the driving range. Thanks to the smaller size and lighter weight compared to golf bags designed to carry a full set of clubs. So it is more concise, and it is easier for you to carry.

Other than that, it's so exciting, the Tourbon vintage golf bags was found in the movie "Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (2022)". The hero is a caddie, and the Tourbon retro golf bag is the one he used in the movie.


-Vintage golf carry bag is made of  Leather trim with melton body
-Vintage unstructured "Pencil Bag" design with traditional features
-Can carries a partial set of hickory or modern golf clubs
-Perfect for carrying 7 clubs
-Vintage style golf bags tick padded fleece for protecting golf clubs well,4 tee holder ,1 card pouch
-Have canvas & Leather adjustable sling