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How do pannier bags attach | TOURBON

Jul 08,2022 | TOURBONSTORE

How do pannier bags attach

A bike without pannier bags is like an aircraft without wings- they are essential for traveling with a lot of gear. Pannier bags attach to the bike using either a rack or a strap. Racks attach to the bike by either the front or the rear wheel. Straps attach to the pannier bags themselves. Different bikes have different ways of attaching the pannier bags, but the most common way to attach a pannier bag to a bike is to strap it to the rack or the frame of the bike.

Single pannier bike bag attach to a bicycle using either straps or clips. The strap attaches below the bag and is run over the top of the wheel, between spokes, then through a hole on either side of the hub. When you tighten it up with your fingers it pulls on these ropes which tension both sides of fabric against each other and hold everything in place. Or use a high quality plastic clip is also a very safe and convenient pannier bag

The main advantage of using a pannier bag.
1. It keeps the bike neatly. when not riding, the panniers can be stored on the bike's rack or frame. This prevents the bike from becoming cluttered and makes it easier to move the bike.
2. Very good at keeping your bike bag in place, and you don't need to worry about dropping your panniers when you go over rough roads (say you just put your bag in the front basket of your bike)

There are some drawbacks to using a pannier bag.
1. If the pannier bag is not properly installed, it may hang on the side of the bike. This can cause problems when riding the bike as it can be difficult to control.
2. If the pannier is not securely fastened to the bicycle, it may fall off the bicycle. If the pannier falls off the bike, it may be difficult to find or cause damage to the valuables inside the pannier (such as cell phones and computers)

The bag in the vedio use a high quality plastic clip to attach to the bicycle

-Grocery pannier bike is made of high quality nylon.
-Bike basket backpack have 2 hooks that clip onto your backrack, hooks and shoulder strap can be packed inside a zipper pocket.
-Bike rack pannier have reinfoced handle never need to worry about it.
-Converts quickly and easily from a pannier bag to a backpack.
-The backpack for bike can quickly and easily attaches and secures to a rear luggage rack with a pair of hooks.
-Bike grocery panniers have djustable shoulder strap can be safely stowed in the bag’s side pocket when the bag is attached to your bike and is easily attached and adjusted for converting to backpack use.
-A handle on top makes it easier to carry.
-Cycling computer backpack inside has a laptop sleeve that can hold a laptop of about 13-inch.


How do pannier bags attach to the bike via strap and the advantage